HIIT Exercises At Home

HIIT Exercises At Home

HIIT Me With It

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a valuable tool in your fitness training. The importance of getting your heart rate up during a workout can’t be underestimated, with significant evidence of its benefits.

Benefits of HIIT Exercises

Interval training, or HIIT (high intensity interval training) has amazing benefits for our fast twitch muscle fibers and for our overall health. One of the main benefits of this type of work-out is that it stimulates the production of human growth hormone. This anti-ageing wonder hormone is responsible for:HIIT for Good Health

Building muscle and burning fat.

Increasing bone mineralisation.

Supporting the immune system.

Cell repair (recovery from injury).

Boosting exercise performance.


HIIT Exercises At Home

If you are unable to go out and do a HIIT session at your local park or track, the next best thing is to look at HIIT exercises at home. But what if you have neither a stationary bike or treadmill? Let’s take a look at a few great exercises that you can do at home, with no special equipment, that really fit the bill.

Remember, the idea is high intensity intervals. So really put the effort in for short periods before having a rest period. Try doing these for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Once you improve go for 1 minute on, 10 seconds off. Pretty easy to get a 10 minute work-out in twice a day.

HIIT Exercises at Home

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HIIT Exercises:

Burpees: one of the best all round exercises there is! Works the legs, glutes, core, shoulders and provides movement of high intensity to get that heart rate up fast! You can also add in a burpee push-up within the movement to work the arms and chest also.Burpees

Star Jumps: Good old star jumps are a great way to get heart pumping.


Skipping: This used to be so easy when I was a kid! How did skipping become so hard to do?? Great way to get your HIIT on.Skipping

Plank: This is a great core exercise to insert amongst the higher intensity ones. Pretty tough once you’re already exhausted from of the other exercises.Plank

Flutter Kicks: Laying on your back, one leg up in the air and the other straight out but hovering above the ground. Alternate legs without any resting on the ground. Flutterkicks

Mountain Climbers: In a straight arm plank position, alternate legs, bringing the knee up towards the chest.


Supermans with Lateral Raises: On you stomach, activate your glutes and legs before beginning. In superman position (flying superman), bring your arms and legs off the floor. Bring your arms down towards the legs and back to the starting position while maintaining the lifted position (tough!)Supermans

Plyo Push-ups: in a push up position or modified (on knees), push up with effort off the floor so you’re now on your knees. Clap your hands (if you want to) before lowering back down again into the push-up. Repeat for the 30 seconds or a minute.


Hand-release push-ups: as above, only you are only coming up just enough to release you hands quickly for a hand-clap before doing the next push-up.

Single-leg glute bridges: Another good one to insert between some higher intensity exercises. Try to keep your hips up and level while you perform this and ensure glutes are activated before beginning. Keep your eye on the timer so you can swap legs half-way.Single leg glute bridge

Adding In Some Fun

Just getting stuck in and doing these exercises can become hard, boring work. Make it interesting by adding music, involving the family (partner challenge…?) and utilising the mountain load of resources available online.

In fact, one the most fun ways to get some cardio in, in general, is to have a family dance party! We literally did this last week Home workouton my birthday. Going out was not an option so we cranked up the tunes via YouTube, searching up things like “Best 80’s/90’s Dance Hits” or searching for specific favourites like Salt n Pepa, Whitney Houston and Vanilla Ice.

The three of us actually had the best time! My ten-year old daughter even finally taught me the “floss”.

Free Resources

Other great ideas for fun exercise videos at home – search for “Tae Bo”, “Zumba”, “Brazilian Butt” and a special favourite that was before my time (but I’m super excited to go way old school and check out), Jane Fonda. You can check out You Tube here.

Get Moving

The main thing is to move! In today’s world, with so many resources at our fingertips, there are endless sources of inspiration to get us moving. If you can make it fun, then even better. And once you’ve ticked off the daily work-out you can go back to that Netflix series that currently has you hooked….

If you have any other “HIIT exercises at home” ideas I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment below.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Lisa 🙂


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