Training for Trail Running – Week 7 Progress

Training for Trail Running – Week 7 Progress

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Week seven is done along with a road trip with my mate Jim Turner from Australia. The trip was over 4 days so was a good half of the week. We went from Cascais down the west coast towards the Algarve, along the bottom of Portugal then back up through the Alentejo near the Spain border. With all of the travelling, not to mention a couple of beers here and there, I still managed to get my goal distance done. While banking that goal I fell short on the elevation gain and also the swimming distance.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday AM Off
Monday PM E Run 13.5km 159m
TuesdayAM T Run 8.5km 131m
TuesdayPM Interval (I) Training 15km 143m
Wednesday AM E Trail Run

10 min leg & core workout

16km 328m
Thursday AM E Run

Ocean Swim

10 min leg & core workout



Friday AM E Run

Ocean Swim

10 min leg & core workout



Saturday AM E Run 10.2km 130m
Sunday E Run 5.6km 76m
Sunday E Run 9.32km 286m
TOTALS Running 101.2km

Swimming 1652m









Although I didn’t reach my targets on the elevation and swimming, I was quite happy to get the distance done. I’m keen to have a good week this oncoming week to make sure I tick all the boxes, especially the elevation gain. Along with being more strict on getting my leg strength exercises done which also lacked this week.

It has been great catching up with Jim and getting some great runs in with him. We would regularly train together back home and as he is such a quality runner he is an excellent companion to head out with and achieve a solid workout. I’m looking forward to training with him over the next couple of weeks while he is here in Portugal.

Till next week,

Happy Running Andrew

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