Training for Trail Running – Week 11

Training for Trail Running – Week 11


Trail Running

With my foot better from the weever fish sting, I was ready to have a good week of training. My back muscle, although much better was still not 100%, so I opted not to swim this week but still went in for a dip in the cold Atlantic Ocean for some cold water therapy.

In the oncoming weeks I will be looking to increase the kilometers and elevation gain. I will possibly be having some lighter weeks maybe every 3rd or 4th week to allow the body to repair and adapt.

As you can see below I am starting to do some longer runs through the week so my legs are used to being out running for longer, seeing that I plan on competing in some 30 and 40km races.

I would like to complete close to a 40km long run in training also, before competing in those distances. So mentally and physically I know I can do it.

This is how the week went –

Monday AM E trail run 18.7km 453m
TuesdayAM E Run 15km 450m
TuesdayPM Short hill reps .2km 100m
Wednesday AM T Run

10 min leg & core workout

15.3km 186m
Thursday AM 3k w/up, 17.5k T Run, 3k c/d 23.5km 471m
Friday AM 12k E Hill Run, 2k E Run

10 min leg & core workout

14km 398m
Saturday AM E Run 10.8km 240m
Sunday Moderate Hill Run 20.3km 530m
TOTALS Running 118.2km 2828m

Strava Stats

With elevation being just over 2800m, it was a good climbing week along with hitting the distance target. With another 120km week next week I will look at doing less elevation and focus on longer, individual runs. This will help with building more endurance on my run.

Till next week,

Happy Running,


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