Cascais Trail Experience Race Report 27th October 2019

Cascais Trail Experience Race Report 27th October 2019

Busy Training

After a busy period of training I have my first race ticked off, so this weeks round-up includes my Cascais Trail Experience race report.

Also, after a few busy weeks of training and having our son visit us from Australia, I have not posted my training weeks. (Well that’s my excuse anyway).

My running has been going well. I have incorporated some self-massage of the quads and calves, and along with my strength training, the body is adjusting well to the increase in mileage and elevation.


Monday AM  E trail run 6.3km 74m
TuesdayAM Tempo  Run 19.12km 339m
Wednesday AM  E Run

10 min leg & core workout

6.2km 100m
Thursday AM E Trail Run 13km 533m
Friday AM Hike/ Run

10 min leg & core workout

12.36km 595m
Saturday AM E Run 8.8km 74m
Sunday Cascais Trail Experience 34.78km 960m
TOTALS Running  100km 2675m


Cascais Trail Experience Race Report

The Cascais Trail Experience race on the 27th of October went well.

After a good start I managed to take a wrong turn around the 17km mark and ran an extra two kilometres. This  took me from 2nd to about 10th place overall.

It was a valuable lesson to keep your eyes focused, scanning for markers all the time. Although I think it was a little bad luck also, as where I was supposed to take a turn there was a tourist group lined down one side of the track. This guarded the marker from my view and I ran straight past.

Although I was annoyed at the time, I look back on the race and I am happy and surprised that I was in second place for over half the race (until the wrong turn).

It’s All a Learning Curve

The second mistake I made was try to catch up the lost places too quickly, which lead to me getting tired around the 28km mark.

What I should have done with about 15km to go after the wrong turn, is to have kept the same pace and gradually picked some places up over the remaining distance. This would have left me in better shape at the end of the race and also possibly a better result overall.

It is all a learning experience and I will continue to make more mistakes, I am sure, but will learn and get better along the way.

Pleasing Result Overall

So I ended the race quite tired but managed to come 7th overall and a 2nd in my age category which I was happy with.

Here’s a summary of my gear and nutrition for the race:

Nutrition – 4 x Gels

6 x small gummy bears

Shoes    – Hoka One One Mafate Speed 2

Vest       – Salomon S-Lab Sense 2 set

Hat        – Trail Run Earth Trucker’s Cap

Water    – 2 x 500ml

Cascais Trail Experience presentation


Upcoming Races

Looking ahead, I have a big challenge in four weeks.

For my first Skyrace I will compete in the “Pisao Extreme” which is a distance of 35km with a huge 3500m of ascent. This is a lot of climbing, not to mention descending also, but I am up for the challenge.

It will also be a good lead up to the “Azores Epic Trail” which will be two weeks following that race. I would like to go well at Azores and hopefully get onto the podium.

Next weeks training will be fairly solid, then tapering the week after leading up to the weekend of the Azores event.

Until next time,

Happy Running,


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